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Another Blues Improv Released

I’ve just released another YouTube improvisation video from the same session as my last vid, “Minute Blues #44“. This one is aptly called… (wait for it)… “Minute Blues #45“! πŸ˜‚ I know, very creative, right?!?!? 

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New Video Released!

I just released a new YouTube video called, “Minute Blues #44‘. It’s a short guitar improvisation over an A minor blues backing track that I extracted from a longer session.

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2nd Spotify Indie Guitar Playlist

I’ve created another Spotify playlist of independent instrumental guitarists. Basically a continuation of the first one. A lot of the same artists, but with some new ones added.

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Guitars, guitars, guitars II


Indie Guitar Instrumental Playlist

I’ve created a Spotify playlist of independent musician guitar instrumentals. Some really great guitarists and tracks on this playlist! Please give a listen, like, and follow these artists to help support indie musicians and their work.

Indie Guitar Instrumentals


Midnight Dance Playthrough Video

Please check out my new playthrough video for my latest track, “Midnight Dance”. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and click the bell to be notified of any new vids!


Midnight Dance Now on Spotify!

Midnight Dance, my latest track, is now on Spotify! Please subscribe, like, and share!


Midnight Dance on iTunes

Midnight Dance, my latest track, has finally hit Apple Music & iTunes!



Midnight Dance – New Track Out Today!

My new track, “Midnight Dance”, is out today on my BandCamp page:

It’s an upbeat instrumental rock guitar track that will make you want to dance! (At midnight, of course!) πŸ˜€

Hope you enjoy the music! Please consider purchasing the track if you would like to support my music. It would be GREATLY appreciated! 🎸🎧🎼

The track has not been released on the major streaming services yet (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), but should be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Midnight Dance (Pre-Release Clip)

My new track, “Midnight Dance”, will be released on Friday 6/12/20. Here is a short pre-release clip of the track!


New Track Coming 6/12/20

Coming this Friday!