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HAYDN – Famous Composer Quotes

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JS BACH – Famous Composer Quotes

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BEETHOVEN – Famous Composer Quotes

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MOZART – Famous Composer Quotes

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Funny Guitar Practice Video Released!

I have just released a new YouTube video! It’s a very short, funny (1 min. +) take on one of my electric guitar practice sessions. Hope you enjoy and at least get a chuckle out of it. 🙂

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take the time to wish everyone celebrating this year….



Wishing you all a great 2021! 🥂


Skype Guitar Lesson Holiday Specials

Give the gift of MUSIC to someone you love! I’m sure you know someone who has always wanted to play the guitar. Why not surprise them this Christmas with a set of pre-purchased Skype Guitar Lessons from me?

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“Midnight Dance” Review

A very nice review of my latest track, “Midnight Dance”. This was written by Branimir Lokner for TMM (Time Machine Music) website.

I’m always very thankful for reviews like this. Too many sites out there only cut & paste for their reviews. You can tell Branimir listened to the track before posting this because of the details contained.

Thank you Branimir & TMM!!!



Another Blues Improv Released

I’ve just released another YouTube improvisation video from the same session as my last vid, “Minute Blues #44“. This one is aptly called… (wait for it)… “Minute Blues #45“! 😂 I know, very creative, right?!?!? 

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New Video Released!

I just released a new YouTube video called, “Minute Blues #44‘. It’s a short guitar improvisation over an A minor blues backing track that I extracted from a longer session.

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