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What Fans Are Saying About “Transcendelic Pop”

Here a just a few comments I’ve received about my latest release, “Transcendelic Pop”.

“Kip your musical creativity is outstanding! Transcendelic pop is very different from earlier releases of yours and is proof of your unlimited musical capability-it’s awesome, Bravo!”

“I liked that Kip, think I was 2nd view on youtube…..looking forward to what is coming after that…seems that’s the start of something awesome….”

“Very cool!”

“That should be in a movie or a video game. Nice Kip”

“Awesome once again kip…it reminds me of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack a bit.”

“Like upbeat meditation music, I love it, love the video too, especially the golden music notes, I could watch them all day!”

“WOW KIP, you really outdid yourself with this one man!!!!! I am so damn impressed with this… seriously great job!!!”

“Your versatility showing here Kip…really cool sound and trippy video…!!”

Thanks to all of my fans for the great reception of my music! You make it all worthwhile!



10 Questions with Kip Brockett

Thank you Peter from The Peter Principle Blog for doing this great interview with me! I’m very humbled and would like to thank everyone for their awesome support!

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Gotta Start Somewhere Remix Released!

I’ve released a new mix of my latest instrumental guitar track, “Gotta Start Somewhere”. I was never really satisfied with the mix I released back in August, so I have been working on this one for a while now. I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to it and/or purchase it here:

Thank you to all for your support of my music!!!


New Release, Mailing List & Freebies!

I will be officially releasing a new track on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. It’s really a new version of a track I wrote back in the late 80’s/early 90’s called, “Gotta Start Somewhere”. This was the very first instrumental that I wrote. Hence the reason for the name, “Gotta Start Somewhere”! I couldn’t think of a name and the way I approached the composition was with the attitude that I just had to start and not think about trying to write the next, “Stairway to Heaven”, you know?

To the point, for all those signed up to my mailing list, you will receive an advanced copy of the track in mp3 format. You will also receive an mp3 version of the demo I recorded way back when. The demo version is rough. It was recorded on a 4-track Tascam PortaStudio cassette recorder. The drums were done on a cheap drum machine and the bass on a cheap keyboard. You will be able to see where the new release was formed. And I really like the performance of the lead track on this old demo!

So, please, sign up for my mailing list and you will receive:

  • An advanced mp3 copy of “Gotta Start Somewhere”!
  • A copy of the original demo of “Gotta Start Somewhere” in mp3 format!

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Hope everyone enjoys the new release!