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Breaking Out the Classical!

Finally put some new strings on my classical guitar the other night. First time I’ve broken it out in ages!

I used to play various Christmas carols for the family each year, but can’t remember the last time I did that. Hoping to get at least 2 back under my fingers for this year.

It felt really good to play finger-style again! I love playing the classical guitar, but have always hated long nails! 🀣

Anyone have any suggestions or requests for Christmas tunes? πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ΅

I’m currently working on, “Away in a Manger”. Here’s a list of a few others I’m trying to decide on. Please vote on your favorite!

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D Dorian Jam Over Dm7

Here are some random excerpts from an improv session I recorded. The backing track is one that I like to solo over because it’s only one chord (D minor 7), and lets you experiment with different approaches. I’m predominantly improvising in D Dorian mode on this one.

This is my first time doing a video like this, so please excuse the low lighting and grainy picture. I didn’t use any lighting as you can see it improves later in the session as the sun comes out. πŸ˜ƒ

Backing track by “Backing Tracks Channel“.
Track: “Guitar Jazz Backing Track in Dm7