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What Fans Are Saying About “Transcendelic Pop”

Here a just a few comments I’ve received about my latest release, “Transcendelic Pop”.

“Kip your musical creativity is outstanding! Transcendelic pop is very different from earlier releases of yours and is proof of your unlimited musical capability-it’s awesome, Bravo!”

“I liked that Kip, think I was 2nd view on youtube…..looking forward to what is coming after that…seems that’s the start of something awesome….”

“Very cool!”

“That should be in a movie or a video game. Nice Kip”

“Awesome once again kip…it reminds me of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack a bit.”

“Like upbeat meditation music, I love it, love the video too, especially the golden music notes, I could watch them all day!”

“WOW KIP, you really outdid yourself with this one man!!!!! I am so damn impressed with this… seriously great job!!!”

“Your versatility showing here Kip…really cool sound and trippy video…!!”

Thanks to all of my fans for the great reception of my music! You make it all worthwhile!



Reflecting Rain Featured on Dave Darin’s Radio Show

“Reflecting Rain” was featured on Dave Darin’s isxradio.com show last night. Big “Thank You!” to Dave for the feature!

If you’d like to hear a replay of the broadcast, you can listen here:

“Reflecting Rain” can be heard around the 36:02 mark.

WARNING: Strong Language!


SoundCloud Plays Reach Personal Record!

My SoundCloud plays for this year have now surpassed last year’s totals! “Reflecting Rain” has also now outperformed all the other tracks on my account with over 2,475 plays since the January release.

I just want to thank everyone for the great support! I’m working on a new track now, but am still in the writing phase. I hope to release it in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!