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Gotta Start Somewhere Remix Released!

I’ve released a new mix of my latest instrumental guitar track, “Gotta Start Somewhere”. I was never really satisfied with the mix I released back in August, so I have been working on this one for a while now. I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to it and/or purchase it here:


Thank you to all for your support of my music!!!


Reflecting Rain – New Single Out Today!

Today, I’ve released my new single, “Reflecting Rain”! This is the first new material I’ve written & recorded in 20 years.

You can stream it or download it for free from my BandCamp page:


Reflecting Rain graphic
Reflecting Rain by Kip Brockett

Halloween Music For You!

I posted my original instrumental “The Haunt” on my BandCamp page. It’s a creepy little tune that should help get you in the Halloween spirit! It’s available free for download on the site.

Just click the link or the graphic below. And thanks for visiting and listening!


The Haunt
“The Haunt” by Kip Brockett.

Cost of Passion – Rellik

Cost of Passion – Rellik


This is an old song from a 1980’s rock band I used to play in called Rellik. Written by Brockett/Rawls/Snyder/Quertermous. Performed by Kip Brockett – guitars/backing vocals, Ty Rawls – bass/backing vocals, Kevin Gilmore – drums, and Clark Quertermous – vocals. Recorded circa 1986-88.

This track was ripped from an old cassette of mixes from these sessions. (*All Rights Reserved)